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Friends of the Trees Society
August 2017 Newsletter
is focused on
the Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence

This email is going out to Friends of the Trees Society’s email list of over 4,000 people. Many of you live too far away from Hot Springs, Montana to attend this event or can’t attend for one of many reasons but perhaps you know someone who might be interested . . .

Dear friends and associates,
The 7th INPC is upon us. Everything has a ripple affect. We are setting the stage for a big ripple event. We are aiming for 300 people and over 50 educational/networking opportunities with workshops, keynote speakers, round-table discussions, hands-on and demos. Sustainable-minded people from around Montana, the Inland Northwest, and the Hot Springs area getting together to exchange information, ideas and insights. Synthesis happens, new alliances are formed and the affect ripples on for years.  The INPC is a reunion of old friends and chance to make new friends. Building community and enabling long-term collaboration. Things can happen in person that can’t be done through emails, phone calls, skyping, etc. You can’t get this on the internet! Magic happens!
How would you like to be involved?  We are looking for presenters, sponsors, staff, and participants. We would like to see lots of booths for people to sell products, do outreach and network.
The event will utilize multiple venues spread out over a 5-block area. The Tribal Nutrition Center will be our kitchen. Towanda Center is a meeting place and camping area.  Alameda’s Retreat Center provides, classrooms and lodging. Symes Hotel provides lodging, soaking and a classroom space. The Camas Recrreation Center provides classrooms.  Plus we will set up large tents, canopies and a village adjacent to the Tribal Nutrition Center. Everything is within short walking distance with our main focal area at Towanda and the Nutrition Center. 
Building the better world we all know is possible. 
Michael Pilarski

By the way did you know that the world’s largest ripples are just outside of Hot Springs? They were made when Glacial Lake Missoula drained through the area. Check them out when you’re here for the INPC or passing through.


September, 1-3, 2017
Hot Springs, Montana

Register now!

You are invited to attend the 7th Annual Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence. The event will feature over 50 workshops, discussion groups, hands-on activities, demonstrations, keynote speaker, networking, socializing, music and a children’s program run by Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center. Some main topics this year are permaculture, ecosystem restoration, medicinal herbs, food production in yard, town and city, biochar, and water. There are a variety of field trips to choose from on Friday. Friday evening through Sunday afternoon INPC will be held in the town of Hot Springs centered at the Tribal Nutrition Center, 214 Spring St. N.

The INPC will include an herbal gathering component this year. There will be workshops on growing medicinal herbs in the home landscape, herb farming, wildcrafting, weed control by harvesting medicinal species, medicine making, native medicinals, essential oils, herbal medicine and more. Speakers include Elaine Sheff, Green Path Herb School; Michael Pilarski, Friends of the Trees Botanicals; Debbie Jakovac, Blue Moon Herbs; Lavender Lori, Rosalie Ranch; Jessica Spurr, Earthly Apothecary; Michelle Mahler, Circle of Healing Essential Oil; and many others. There will be a meeting about reinvigorating the Montana Herb Gathering.

There will be a track on ecosystem restoration on topics like native plants, conservation, erosion control, rangeland rehab, riparian habitats, etc.

Tribal members are invited to attend at no cost. Come and eat with us. Give presentations if you wish. Our workshops have useful information on how to grow food, restore land, etc. We will be showing the movie Two Rivers on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Two Rivers is a documentary about a reconciliation process between the Methow Tribe and the current white population of the Methow Valley in the North Cascades of eastern Washington.

Permaculture is the development of sustainable ecosystems and can be applied to both urban and rural living. Applying permaculture to the town of Hot Springs will be one of the discussions. Permaculture’s three ethics are: Care of Land, Care of People and Fair Share. We will be compiling suggestions from convergence participants on how to make our region, towns and homes more ecologically-sound and socially-equitable. A greener, happier world.

Everyone is invited and attendance is by donation. Meals are provided and participants are encouraged to donate some food from their gardens. There will be music and merriment. The Barber Shop Beer Parlor will be our official watering hole.

“Permaculture is a whole-systems design science that uses the principles of ecology and thermodynamics to create sustainable human settlements and institutions. It was developed in Australia in the 1970s by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, and is grounded in the observation of natural ecosystems, and in knowledge and experience drawn from traditional and indigenous cultures. Permaculture focusses on practical, human-scale design. Permaculture principles can be used to create everything from a backyard edible landscape to a rainwater collection system to a system of community governance. Permaculture is guided by the ethical principles of Care of the Earth, Care of People, and Fair Share.” Definition from the Palouse Permaculture website.

Some of the Sights

Select images to see larger versions.


The town of Hot Springs


The view past Alameda’s. One of our venues. The Camas Recreation Center and Rose’s Plunge are one block up. (just out of sight in the photo).


David Ronniger and Linny Gibson’s natural foods store and one of INPC’s sponsors.


A corner of Towanda Gardens, one of the INPC venues.

Earn an All-Expenses-Paid vacation to Hot Springs, Montana! (well, almost)

Our skylodge needs a ride from Port Townsend to the town of Hot Springs, MT for the September 1-3 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence. INPC will pay for ferry, gas, soaking day passes, admission to INPC and meals at the event. The skylodge, tarps and gear fit in the back of a Subaru wagon. There are 25 10-foot wooden poles (couple inch diameter). A truck with roof rack would be best. A small pickup is big enough. The skylodge is up right now at the SamFest site outside of Port Townsend and will be taken down on August 27, Sunday and ready for transport. We need it in Hot Springs on Thursday morning the 31st. Glacier National Park is only a couple miles away. Contact Michael 360-643-9178 ,

Soaking in the Hot Springs

Hot Springs is famous for its mineral-rich, hot water. It’s motto is “Limp In, Leap Out”. Hot Springs has 3 public hot water plunges, all within easy walking distance of our INPC center. Here are a few photos and a link to further information.

Symes has 4 pools and offers a special discount rate to INPC participants. $4





“Rose’s Plunge and the Big Medicine Plunge”

Rose’s Plunge is 2 blocks from the INPC center of activities and adjoins the Camas Recreation Center where some of our workshops will be held. $5 soaking fee.

Camas Big Medicine Plunge (also known as Leroy’s Plunge) is a 5-block walk from the INPC center of activities. $5 soaking fee.

Hot Spring at Big Medicine Plunge

Please help us spread the word!

Contact Inland Northwest Permaculture:
Jill, 406-741-5322
For more information and to register:

Permaculture is the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient and can be applied to both urban and rural living. There will be music and merriment. The Barber Shop Beer Parlor is our official watering hole. Attendance is by donation. Meals are provided and participants are encouraged to donate some food from their gardens.

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Michael Pilarski
Friends of the Trees Society
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