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Friends of the Trees Society

Global Earth Repair Foundation

Dear friends,

I started Friends of the Trees Society in 1978.  I have probably sent out an average of three newsletters a year ever since.  So that would make this something like Newsletter #135.  Over the years I have put on hundreds of workshops, courses and events. 

 Here is news on my latest workshops and endeavors.

* Herbal workshop series in Whitefish, Montana.

* September 30, Fall workshop on Micro-farming Medicinal Herbs at my herb farm in Chimacum Washington.

* October 19-22.  The 50th year of the Okanogan Family Faire (aka Barter Faire). We have been averaging 8,000 people the last couple fall faires. Anyone who wants to attend, I can get them in for free in exchange for doing a 4-hour shift on my Friday parking crew.

* November 2023. A one-day online workshop on Creating Medicinal Forests. This will be an introduction to a more in-depth, international online course we will run in early 2024.  We want to be a hub for creating medicinal forests worldwide.  I would love to hear from anyone who resonates with idea of creating medicinal forests. 

Here are links to my two latest Youtube videos on my 25-year old medicinal forest in the North Cascades.

Video: Growing Understory Plants with Michael Pilarski "Skeeter"

Video: Medicinal Forest Farming 2023 Planting Update with Michael Pilarski "Skeeter"

* Lahaina, Maui.  In the aftermath of the tragic fire in Lahaina, Maui, I find myself working on erosion control to keep toxic sediment from impacting their coral reefs ad ocean ecosystems. Also on long-term solutions to reduce wildfires on Maui (and other Hawaiian islands).  Utilizing my permaculture, agroforestry and ecosystem restoration skills.  A big part of the problems are to be found in colonialism, the disenfranchisement of the Hawaiian people and the monoculture plantations of sugar cane and pineapple.  There is a lot to fix when it comes to the social systems and ecosystems of Hawaii.  I have been to the Hawaiian islands numerous times, studying and teaching.  I have been compiling information on the Lahaina fire.  Anyone interested in reading my list of resources, let me know.

Best wishes to the people and ecosystems of the world. 

Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski

Planetary Regeneration
State-of-the-Art Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Presentation & Discussion By Michael Pilarski

Thursday Sept 14, 6:30 - 8:30 pm MDT
Whitefish, Montana
Venue to be Announced

Michael Pilarski will give a presentation on the best methods to re-green the planet, rehydrate drylands and stabilize theclimate. Michael is collaborating with many of the leading experts in the field and will report on the best analyses andsolutions currently available. Solutions include: rehydrating landscapes, rehydrating the atmosphere, converting tillageagriculture to agroforestry and perennial cover, and rehabilitating the soil sponge. Many experts agree that we could turnthings around in as little as 25 years, if a broad mass movement evolved. Here is a chance to hear about the current status of planetary regeneration, what needs to be done and how you can be involved. Michael Pilarski has been researching and writing on the global climate since the early 1970s. He founded Friends of theTrees Society in 1978 and the Global Earth Repair Foundation in 2019. He is a member of the Ecosystem RestorationCamps movement, EcoRestoration Alliance, and the Global Evergreening Alliance. Michael combines perspectivesfrom agriculture, permaculture, agroforestry, ecosystem restoration, hydrology, ethno-ecology and other plant disciplines.

Friends of the Trees Society

Global Earth Repair Foundation

For more info, email -

RSVP is nice but not required. This event is by donation

Download the poster to put up in your area.

Montana Herbal Extravaganza

Date and time
September 15 · 10am MDT to September 17 · 5pm MDT

SpiritWorks Trilogy 127 Hideaway Trail Whitefish, MT 59937

>> Tickets <<

Workshop Prices:
All 3 workshops: $250
2 Workshops: $175
Single day: $100

About this event

Fri-Sat-Sun All-day workshops. Take 1, 2 or all 3 workshops!
+ informal evening activities

+ Thursday Sept 14, 6:30-8:30pm Presentation (By Donation)
"Planetary Regeneration: State-of-the Art Solutions to the Climate Crisis"

-W´╗┐orkshop Schedule-

"Growing Medicinal Plants for Commercial or Home-use"
Friday, Sept 15th 10-5pm
Michael Pilarski is one of the foremost teachers on herb farming in the Pacific Northwest. Teaming up with Lindy Dewey of SpirtWorks Herb Farm who has 150 species of medicinal plants at her farm. Learn about production, processing marketing Information will be applicable to people growing herbs for home use. Michael brings an international as well as regional perspective.

"Medicinal Forests"
Saturday, Sept 16th 10-5pm
Learn how to start your own medicinal forest! The food forest is a concept that has been widely promoted in recent years. The concept of a medicinal forest is less known. It would be hard to come up with a food forest that didn’t also include medicinal species. It would also be hard to come up with a medicinal forest that didn’t include food species. In this workshop we will focus on species which have medicinal and food values. We will help guide you through a process of selecting species, layout, and establishment.

Michael is promoting the establishment of medicinal forests worldwide as a contribution to affordable, locally-based health care. Check out the video to his medicinal forest in eastern Washington here. Every village, community and neighborhood would be enhanced by having a medicinal forest that would include many medicinal tree, shrubs, perennials and annual plants. We can replace pharmaceutical drugs with local medicinal plants!

"Wildcrafting Medicinal Plants"
Sunday, Sept 17th 10-5pm
A large percentage of Montana’s native plants have medicinal uses. Sustainable wildcrafting of native plants will be a focus of the workshop. Many non-native invasive plants have medicinal and other uses and wildcrafting can be a source of control. Michael has produced many videos on sustainable wildcrafting. See the Wildcrafting playlist on our youtube channel!

Lodging available at SpiritWorks Retreat Center:

All Rates are per night/person
$75/ Room
$48/ Camping, with tent provided
$35/ Camping, bring your own tent

*Include use of wood fired hot tub & sauna (unless fire ban in effect)

Call to schedule accommodations with special rates noted above. Lindy #406 260-7098
Thursday night to Sunday nights available for any participants who wish to stay on site.
This is a great way to connect more with your classmates, relax and enjoy the farm!


Our Aronia bushes are producing hundreds of pounds of Aronia berries this year.  Aronia is a fantastic anti-oxidant fruit. One of the best in the world.  even better than Acai fruit.  Aronia fruit is great in smoothies and they can be used in many kinds of beverages and products.  We haven’t been able to find enough of a local market this year, so are willing to ship them anywhere in the USA.  We can ship them fresh over the next two weeks and beyond that we are putting lots in the freezer and can ship them frozen. 

Fresh Price (5 pounds minimum order):

5 to 25 pounds is $6 a pound

25 to 50 pounds is $5 a pound

50 pounds + is $4 a pound

U-pick price is $5 pound. Inquire as to dates available.

Frozen berries: $10 a pound

For orders contact Ashley at

Here is a photo of the first bucket I picked this year. 14 lbs. picked in 28 minutes standing in one spot.