30 July 2020 20:10:31
Friends of the Trees & Global Earth Repair Foundation

This Months Announcements...

  • Medicinal Herb Micro-Farming Workshop Aug 8th
  • Bulk Berries for Sale!
  • Ecosystem Restoration Video with John D. Liu.
  • How to Restore the Earth Starting in Your Own Yard!
  • 10th annual Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence
  • A Barter Fair Manifesto
  • Filemaker Pro Database help needed
  • North American Permaculture Leadership Summit
  • Largest Floods in China's History
  • Housing Ads
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Ecosystem Restoration with John D. Liu.
I was thrilled to get to spend three days with John Liu in Ashland, Oregon and at Camp Hotlum on Mount Shasta, California. We have one video up from our time together and three more in the works.  

How to Restore the Earth Starting in Your Own Yard!


10th annual
Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence

Sept. 25 - 27, 2020
Location: Casler Farm in Beautiful Clark Fork, Idaho.

A fun and educational, family event for permaculture folks in Eastern Washington, Northwest Montana, and North Idaho
This year’s theme is "Visioning a Positive Future".



A Barter Fair Manifesto

Everywhere should have local barter fairs to build community resilience.  If the financial system collapses we will be really happy to have barter fairs.  When Argentina’s peso collapsed in 2000, over 3,000 barter fairs started around Argentina within one year.  It is a way to have a local economy to exchange goods even if currency doesn’t work.  

The longest running barter faire in the USA is the Okanogan Family Barter Faire likely won’t be happening in 2020 due to Covid restrictions.  2020 would have been our 48th anniversary in north-central Washington since 1974.  This is a Northwest regional event and attendance peaked at 12,000 at the fall faire one year but lately has been more like 8,000. We need all scales of barter fair, from local to regional. The worse the crisis the more local.  If you are interested in starting a barter fair contact Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski, the founder of the barter fair. michael@friendsofthetrees.net 


Here is a short video peek at the faire-



We have recently acquired Filemaker Pro 16 for three databases.

Does anyone have Filemaker Pro experience that could help set this up?  This could be paid work.

Also we need volunteer help to input data into the databases.  Some of this work could be done at a distance, but some would call for visits to our office in Port Hadlock.

This Database includes-

  1. Keeping track of people and organizations for Global Earth Repair Foundation and Friends of the Trees Society.
  2. A database of videos that cover Earth Repair and restoration topics.
  3. A database of books on Ecosystem Restoration and Earth Repair.

North American Leadership Summit

Live Video Conference, August 20-23, 2020

PINA is convening a North American Leadership Summit (NALS), August 20-23, 2020. At the heart of the Leadership Summit are seven working groups: Water and Climate, Mutual Aid, Mainstream Action, Regenerative Agriculture, the Million Tree Challenge, and Deep Adaptation including Education. They will continue beyond the August event.



Video: Largest Floods in China's History
Wiped Out the Country’s Food & Grain Supply

Oh-oh folks.  Mother Nature is kicking up her heels.  China in the crosshairs this time.  Keep your eyes open.

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