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Urgent: If you grow or buy herbs. Time-sensitive Survey

I am forwarding this message from Ann Armbrecht who was Keynote speaker at the Medicinal Herb Growing and Marketing conference back in April.

Apologies for the short turn-around time, but this is important.

Permacordially yours,
Michael Pilarski

Deadline: Dec. 29!

Dear Participants in the 2016 Medicinal Herb Growing and Marketing Conference,

I hope you are all doing well - and finding ways to hold your center in this new world in which we live.

I'm the director of the Sustainable Herbs Project and, as part of the Sustainable Herbs Project, we are working to understand the supply chain of domestic herbs more fully. So far I’ve discovered it’s a lot more complicated than saying, simply, that locally grown herbs are always best - especially for larger scale markets. But it does seem like there is a tremendous potential for creating linkages between herbalists and herb teachers seeking to source herbs from their region.

I’m trying to tease out the key issues involved from the perspectives of both growers and buyers and to see if it is helpful to create a resource of growers of domestic herbs (if one already exists, please let me know and I'll just link to it!).

To gather this information, with the help of Colleen Dando of Urban Moonshine and two SHP interns, I've created two surveys, one for growers and one for herbalists/practitioners/ medicine makers.

If you grow or buy herbs, it would be fantastic if you would fill out one of the following surveys (or both if each apply to you!). Also, please forward this to others you know who either grow or buy medicinal herbs (for a practice, teaching or medicine making that they then sell, not just for home use) who might not be on this list.

We have a tight deadline for this survey - and hope to close it by Dec. 29th. We hope to get as many finished surveys by then as possible. It should only take 5-10 minutes to fill it out. Thank you in advance!

Herb Growers:

Herb Practitioners and Teachers:

If you would like to be notified as we begin to share what we discover, please sign up for the SHP newsletter (don't worry, I don't send many messages! Only when there is news).

Thanks again for your time.

All the best,

Ann Armbrecht, PhD
Sustainable Herbs Project, Director



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