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Friends of the Trees Society

Global Earth Repair Foundation

Friends of the Trees Botanicals has had an amazing year!
We are excited to share our 2023 Year in Review below and announce these upcoming events!

Join us at the 4th Annual Gaian Congress, January 19-21, 2024
Where all types of spiritual beings connect and unite to empower ourselves to co-create a better world. Based on over two decades of connection and co-creation with Spiritual Allies!

Visit for full schedule and presenter list!

We gather LIVE, in real time, and although we are not together in physical space, the ability to see and hear each other does a remarkable job in weaving a strong energetic container for deeply transformative experiences.

In gathering together, we create a powerful field which amplifies our abilities and sensitivities, building a stronger bridge across the dimensions. This creates a more expansive connection and enables us to be more effective allies in co-creating with the Subtle realms.
There are many online summits these days, each one with hours and hours of content, the Congress is about EXPERIENCE with the power to TRANSFORM, rather than content.

Register now to receive access to two additional VIB sessions (VIB = Very Important Being), one before the main event in which we will do an energy clearing of our homes to support our fullest expansion during the weekend, and another gathering after the event to help ground and integrate the experiences of the weekend. (see the schedule page for details)

Use COUPON CODE "FRIENDSOFTHETREES" for FREE ACCESS to the VIB gatherings AND the bonus videos!
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Facebook Page Fairy & Human Relations Congress

Plant Spirit Medicine with Michael Pilarski "Skeeter"

January 27th, 2024.  Saturday  2 - 4pm
Location: Sequim, WA.  Dandelion Botanicals
Cost- $30

About the event:
We will learn about how plants and humans can ally for healing people and planet. Cultivate a spiritual relationship to the healing plants to help yourself, family, friends and clients.
Plant Spirit Medicine includes working with spiritual allies including the fairy/nature spirit/deva lifewave.
We will do a guided journey to the spirit realm to meet plant allies.
Useful for introductory to advanced levels!

Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski has worked with hundreds of medicinal plants on spiritual and physical levels. He has farmed organically since 1972 and been a professional wildcrafter of medicinal plants since 1997. He has been working with fairies since 1977 and is the founder of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress.

Registration link:

Facebook event page: Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop with Michael Pilarski


Friends of the Trees Botanicals

~Year in Review~

2023 has been a fun and vibrant year at
Friends of the Trees Botanicals!

We’d like to give a big THANK YOU to all of our customers. We are so grateful for your business. It warms our hearts to know that our customers make so many amazing medicinal products from the plants we offer, which then go out to many thousands of people across the country, enjoyed as teas, tinctures, topicals and more! 

This year we supplied our customers with... 

  • 5,000 pounds of fresh botanicals 
  • 1,000 pounds of dried botanicals
  • Plus an additional 500 pounds of dried botanicals are now in stock! 

Top Selling Botanicals

  • Dandelion
  • Lavender
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Nettles
  • Devil’s Club
  • Milky Oats & Oatstraw
  • Turkey Rhubarb

Farm Update:

Our medicinal herb farm in Chimacum, Washington is now 7 years old!  This patch was first tilled in early Spring 2017 and is now a beautiful, robust, perennial paradise with over 100 species in just ½ acre.  Many visitors are amazed by its diversity, lushness and unique beauty.   We did a great job of tending our farm this year.  This is also our 2nd year of being officially certified organic by Oregon Tilth.  As some of you might know, Oregon Tilth is one of the most stringent organic certifiers and this can reassure you on our quality and standards.

The above photos show the farm in early spring 2017 and summer 2023.  Wow what a contrast!

Now that our farm is more mature, we are able to yield more volume from the same patch.  Plus in 2021 we planted 400 feet of pollinator hedgerows filled with medicinal herbs.   Due to this increase, our overall production for 2023 is

  • ⅔  Farmed Botanicals
  • ⅓  Wildcrafted Botanicals
  • (In past years our farmed to wildcrafted production ratio was 50/50)

We just finished processing and hand screening all of the dried herbs harvested this season and can supply you with more over the winter now!

View Dry Herbs in Stock Here
About our team:

Friends of the Trees Botanicals was Founded by Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski in 1997.  We are now a small family business with a 3 person core team.  Michael Pilarski's son, Ashley Kehl joined the business in 2019.  Anna Pallotta has been on the crew since 2017.  We have also had many part-time interns over the years.  We sure manage a lot with our little team!  And we sure love what we do. 

Check out our new snazzy brochure!



We'd love your feedback to help us improve!

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Here's what kept us busy in 2023:

  • 2 farms (Chimacum & Twisp, WA) over 2.5 acres
  • Wholesale and retail Botanicals business
  • Wildcraft in many locations across northern Washington State
  • Seed collecting and selling seeds wholesale and retail
  • Plant Nursery
  • Organizing many educational events and community gatherings
  • Global Earth Repair Foundation 
  • Educational resources such as videos, podcasts and articles
  • And a few other odds and ends

2023 Educational & Community events we organized:

  • Northwest Wildcrafters’ Rendezvous - Methow Valley, WA
  • Micro-farming Medicinal Plants workshop 3-season series  (4th Annual)
  • Cascade Herbal Experience - a weekend immersion campout for Bastyr University students (11th Annual)
  • Medicinal Forest workshops
  • Montana Herbal Extravaganza - Whitefish, Montana
  • Hugelkultur workshop (4th Annual)
  • Wildcrafting workshops and plant walks
  • Global Earth Repair workshop - Vashon Island, WA
  • Farm tours
  • Botanical Book Sale
  • Quimper Barter Circle- Spring & Fall gathering
  • Annual Spring Plant & Tree Sale
  • Seed Swap & Plant Exchange

 Keep an eye on our event calendar for this year’s offerings!

Google event calendar

We collected over 80 kinds of herb seeds again this year and have a thriving seed business.  Seed sales have increased for the third year in a row partially due to being organically certified. We sell wholesale to seed companies and farmers and sell retail seed packets through some local stores here. 

More info about our Seed offerings


We grow a unique variety of berries on our farm.  We did our first Berry U-pick season in 2023 and will offer it again in 2024.

We offer these berries fresh, dry and frozen so you can still enjoy them in the off season!  We especially love the Aronia berries because they can be used in many products and are a super antioxidant!

More info about our Berries here

Pollinator Hedgerows

In 2021 we planted 400 feet of pollinator hedgerows at Finnriver Farm between blocks of their cider orchard.  This reduces pests on the orchard trees and feeds pollinators as well as being a source of income from botanicals and seeds.


Twisp River Medicinal Forest Video

Twisp River Medicinal Forest

Farm History & Update:

Michael Pilarski planted a 2-acre medicinal forest between 2001 and 2003.  About 3,000 trees and shrubs along with many ground-story herbs.  He sold the planting in 2010 and got it back in 2020 after a period of semi-abandonment. We just finished our 4th season of restoration. Production increased this year due to new plantings and more management. In 2023 we harvested a lot of linden flowers, crampark twigs,  wormwood, St. John’s Wort, Oregon-grape root, tree seedlings, and various other herbs and seeds. The medicinal forest is a fascinating experiment with many different species, microclimates and groundcovers. The system largely plants itself.  Check out our videos on youtube for more information about it.

We are excited to announce...

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

- Skeeter, Anna & Ashley